Armada Of Secrets

Who are Armada Of Secrets?

Armada Of Secrets’ music is wildly bass and drum driven with intense, raw vocals that blend abstract dance and rock elements into one fresh sound that listeners can enjoy. It’s relevant, untamed and the band themselves have struggled to define their sound for years, but it’s infectious once heard. let’s just call it Post-punk Power-Pop Dance-Rock…

Find the new music and let them know what you think it is… come see us at a show, feel something. Check out the Merchandise store and keep up with which charities we are supporting and volunteering with.

How can you discover their music?

You can find their previous release Kiss & Tell online. Their latest EP is currently hidden across the Internet for music fans to discover. Why is it hidden you ask? In a world where everything is full of instant gratification, this was a consious decision by the band to get listeners excited to find their music by piquing their interest in an unusal and rewarding way. To see the latest clues to find the new music, head to the Armada Of Secrets social media accounts. You can also hear the new tracks by requesting Armada Of Secrets new songs from you favourite radio station. The first three clues to the EP have already been released to find the first track… The clues are…

  • Clue 1

    Go down your tube as if it was Armada Of Secrets. Take the number of seconds on the 4 oldest videos, and add them together.

  • Clue 2

    What is the number that keeps appearing in our live streams and stories on instagram?

  • Clue 3

    For this clue, you need to know someone in London, UK. 'My heart Is black after Camden'. Go to the place where they know no genders. How many Armada Of Secrets stickers are in stall 3?

Link: www.(Clue 1)x(Clue 2)plus(Clue 3).com

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Bleeding Me Dry

Video Thumbnail

Pour It Up (cover)

Video Thumbnail

Up In The Lights

Video Thumbnail

Superstition (cover)

Video Thumbnail

That's Not My Name (cover)

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Black Dulwich

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